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To receive credit for the final semester, all work must be completed and returned to the teacher, using the email address listed for each teacher. Please contact the office for an alternate method of return.

Work will be posted on a daily basis.

Thursday 04/23/2020

Please read the following for Monday's English assignment.

1) Elements of A Short Story (Click Here)
2) Before You Read-Optional (Click Here)

3) The Stamp Collection   (Click Here)    Last Page of the stamp collection (Click)

              Weekly Schedule

         Monday:                                 Email Address:                                Week Of 04/27-04/30

        Mr. Widelitz                   Click Here For This Weeks Assignment

        Rabbi Israelowitz           Click Here For This Weeks Assignment



         Rabbi Alstock               Click Here For This Weeks Assignment

         Mr. Sapia                       Click Here For History

                                                                                                          Click Here For Economics


         Rabbi Bressler            Work            Reading Material



         Rabbi Isralewitz                 Algebra 1    Algebra 2

         Mr. Dinallo                         


                      9th Grade:             Instructions  Work Answers


                      10th Grade:            Instructions  Work Answers

                       11th Grade:          Instructions  Work Answers

         Rabbi Borger                    Click Here For This Weeks Assignment

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