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Dose Of Inspiration

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Rav Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg זצ"ל , Rosh Yeshivas Torah Ohr, was once honored with being sandek at the bris of a talmid. Immediately after the bris, he hurriedly made his way to the door where his ride awaited him.

The  baal simcha quickly ran over and said “Rebbi, won’t you stay for the seuda?”

“I can’t,” replied  Rav Chaim. “I have another bris.”

The talmid looked at his rebbi in surprise; he was almost positive that no other bris was scheduled for that day. Rav Chaim smiled and explained:

“The Navi in Yirmiyahu  tells us: אם לא בריתי יומם ולילה חוקת שמים וארץ לא שמתי – If not for my keeping my covenant (the Torah) day and night, the rules of Heaven and Earth would not apply. Learning Torah is the bris – covenant that sustains the world.”

Rav Chaim concluded, “I must hurry – I have a bris!”

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Rav Mordechai Gifter זצ''ל would say: "Hashem wants us to make a spiritual effort.  By making a sincere and diligent effort, we can earn his help- The help which makes success possible!

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The Kotzker Rebbe, R' Menachem Mendel of Kotzk זצ''ל would say:

"The Gemara tells us that a father is required to teach his son how to swim. The secret to swimming is to move along in the water without allowing one's head to go under.


We live in a world that pulls us along, but we must always be careful to keep our heads above the water- not allowing ourselves to be totally dragged under by the contant struggles of daily life". 


The Alter from Slabodka, Harav Nosson Tzvi Finkel זצ"ל  would say.

“People use the excuse, when they do something wrong, That they are only human and humans are not angels. Indeed they are not- they are much greater!

The Joy we experienced of מתן תורה surpasses the happiness we had at the time of יציאת מצרים.

Like a prisoner looking forward tio his liberation, we count the day from פסח to שבועות, demonstrating our yearning for the day of קבלת התורה.   

ספר החינוך מצוה תקו

Inspirational Story

Let me share with you a truly uplifting story. A story which depicts the אהבת תורה and the love the גדולי ישראל have for each בן תורה.

When Rav Leizer Yudel Finkel זצ"ל  was the Rosh Hayeshiva of the מיר in ירושלים the yeshiva consisted primarily of yungeleit and only a handful of בחורים. One בחור approached Rav Leizer Yudel and informed him that he wished to transfer to the Brisker yeshiva which was also in ירושלים. 


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Inspirational Thought:

Something to think about.

Sadly, we don't have תפילה בציבור.

We cannot say אמן יהא שמיה רבה we are unable to recite קדיש or קדושה.

But! There are three words we add prior to being מקבל עול מלכות שמים.

Three words which are only recited without a מנין.

We begin the קריאת שמע with the words אל מלך נאמן.

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